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Bitcoin Cash Futures on the horizon

Bitcoin Cash Futures Contracts On The Horizon

It seems like every other news piece in the crypto space is about futures and derivative trading. It’s indicative of the current landscape of the space as a whole. Here on CryptoCoinMindSet we’ve recently reported about Binance and Blade entering the arena. Well, this news article is no exception is reportedly working towards developing […]

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Binance to Launch Derivatives Trading

Binance Entering Crypto Futures & Derivatives

Trading crypto derivatives has become a booming sector of the entire cryptocurrency space. There are many new platforms launching, such as Blade, which we reported to you in a previous blog post. They are not alone, there are also more on the horizon. This excitement comes on the heel of platforms such as BitMEX and […]

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Bakkt Launching Bitcoin Futures

Bakkt’s efforts for bringing Bitcoin futures contracts are finally paying off and the company has announced that it will officially launch the contracts in only a month, on September 23rd. The launch has brought quite a lot of excitement to the crypto world, as the crypto community expected it for more than a year now. […]

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New Crypto Derivatives Exchange To Launch

A new crypto derivatives exchange, Blade is about to launch after a very successful fundraising event. This soon to launch exchange managed to raise $4.3 million from several large investors, including the leading US-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, as well as the investment company SV Angel. Announcing BLADE, a crypto perpetuals exchange for retail traders. We’re […]

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Crypto Coin MindSet - An average man's journey through cryptocurrency

US Traders Losing Access to Cryptocurrency Markets

The crypto space continues to evolve and mature and as such a certain level of regulation is certainly necessary. Given it’s a 24/7 global market, there is certainly no shortage of things happening. In the market currently, Bitcoin is making bullish moves and the cryptocurrency market as a whole is currently in a good place. […]

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Using Google To Help Spot Litecoin Halving Trends

There is no doubt that there has been considerable buzz and bullish activity with Litecoin (LTC) in the last month. Some Bitcoin maximalists would probably argue that the entire cryptocurrency space has entered a bull run… being led of course by BTC. While this may well be true, we would argue that LTC has actually […]

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