Keith creator of CryptoCoinMindSet

Hello, my name is Keith. I am the founder and creator of CryptoCoinMindSet.

I would like to welcome your to this website!

There’s isn’t too much to tell about me…

In a nutshell, I am a husband, father, grandfather and blessed to say a great-grandfather… so family is quite important to me.

I am a patriotic American, who believes in freedom and the promise of this country.

I am a veteran, who proudly served this country.

This next chapter of my life is trying to leave a legacy for my family, and one of those pathways is through cryptocurrency.

I also understand that I’m not the only person in this country that feels and thinks this way, so this mission also includes bringing as many people along for the ride as possible… and I plan to use this website as the hub to do just that.

That being said, if you’re interested, I would be glad to tell you how CryptoCoinMindSet was founded and more about my vision moving forward…. so feel free to read on…

CryptoCoinMindSet Origin Story

Where do I begin?

Well, I ask this question, because I’ve arrived here, in the crypto space, quite honestly through a series of decisions, choices and life events.

I promise not to bore you with ALL the details…

I should probably begin with the fact that this website has come into existence because of the dream of 3 co-workers and friends.

about the founders of Crypto Coin Mindset

We have all worked together for a number of years. We have similar backgrounds, none of which contained cryptocurrency.

As a matter of fact, each of us were introduced to crypto at various times in our past.

I was probably the first.

Honestly, I was anything less than willing to listen!

Quite frankly, I was down right RUDE as I explained to this poor person how Bitcoin was a scam.


In my then enlightened state, I proceeded to explain to this fellow how Bitcoin could not possibly be a real currency… after all… you can’t even hold it, spend it…

I mean, come on… how can this possibly be real…

Needless to say, I passed on the opportunity to even learn more about it.

So, would you like to hear the most painful part of this story?

The price of Bitcoin at the time was about $ 0.29.

Who’s crying now?????

Anyway, I have since expanded my horizons… on many fronts… not the least of which, as I quickly approach retirement, is my financial future and how I’m going to spend my golden years…

As for my partners in this venture…

About the founders of Crypto Coin MindSet

They were both introduced to Bitcoin about the same time…

It was 2013…

The price of Bitcoin was about $135.

(those of us who still want to get a good stake in Bitcoin wish it was 2013 again… those of us who have a core stake, would throw ourselves from the tallest building if it were 2013 again)

Fast forward to 2017…

We are all working together… and a random conversation happens about Bitcoin…

The next thing you know, we are talking about mining Bitcoin…

This leads to more conversation…

How about investing in Altcoins… what the heck are Altcoins?

Crypto Coin Mindset welcome logo

Well, if you are going to get good at anything, you have to make it a study… you have to learn… you have to treat it like it is the most important thing in the world.

Honestly, that’s what I did.

I have dived into the whole cryptocurrency universe.

CryptoCoinMindSet was born!

2020 year logo

Then enter 2020… what a year…

As the year rolled on people were dealing with all sorts of things that had absolutely nothing to do with cryptocurrency.

However, inside the space, there we new Bitcoin highs, lots of buzz and then the bottom fell out of the market and we here firmly into another bear market.

My partners were not wanting to deal with the losses we were suffering from the drawdown in the market and they moved on to other ventures.

In 2021, I decided that cryptocurrency was still the future, so I gathered up my money and both them out of all our combined crypto investments (it wasn’t difficult, everything was down about 85%)… and I ventured out on my own.

I was determined to make CryptoCoinMindSet a juggernaut in the space.

I decided to do that by trying to keep up on the latest news in the space. We all know there is plenty of that!


But that wasn’t enough… it seemed like I wasn’t able to get the word out to my intended audience, new people entering the cryptocurrency space.

2022 year logo

So, in September of 2022 I have returned to the original reason CryptoCoinMindSet was founded… to help newbies in crypto.

Check out our blog for all of the latest information to help guide you on your journey.

Since 2017, I have learned many things.

These include the best ways to vet cryptocurrencies, how to decide what tech and platforms provide the best opportunities for success, how to create a passive income in the space and so much more.

I have done and continue to do mining, staking and bot trading just to name a few.

I have made good and bad investments, used all different types of wallets, DeFi platforms and so much more.

I have studied investment strategies, statistical analysis, blockchain, etherium network, tangle web, and the list goes on and on….

The bottom line, I’m still no expert…

Frankly, I will probably never call myself one either.

However, what I do know is, I have found many people in the space who are willing to share their knowledge with each other and with those who are just starting out.

I am fortunate… I have been able to find my way.

But, there were times it was not easy. So, with that thought in mind, I have decided to create this website and the social media platforms that support it.

My goal… to create a step by step path for the newbie… to create a resource, spelled out in layman’s terms


To give back.

I have learned in my time on this planet, you get back from the universe what you put out into it.

I have been fortunate to be able to learn, invest, and work my way back to having hope for a comfortable retirement… and of course… something to leave for my children and grandchildren… my church… my charities and who knows… maybe even something that benefits society as a whole.

So, I hope you will join us in our journey!

I hope that our experiences will help make your journey a little less bumpy and stressful.

Please note, when we create this information, it should not be considered financial advise


Use my information as a guide, a starting point, a place to launch your adventure into the crypto universe.

Crypto Coin Mindset - an average man's journey through the crypto universe

Finally, all postings on this website and social media assets will be from the perspective of someone living, investing, mining and operating from then United States unless otherwise noted

We hope you find this information helpful and we hope you will take the time to share your experiences with us.


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