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UK ends consultation on crypto ban

Kik shuts messaging app to fight SEC

Kik Shuts Down Messaging App To Fight SEC

  Ted Livingston, the CEO of Kik Interactive, announced that the firm is shutting down it’s messaging app, Kik Messenger. According to Livingston, they are shutting the messenger down as the company moves to solely focus on its cryptocurrency named Kin. As cryptocurrencies and the crypto projects in the space are continuing to reach for […]

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Tax Code in Portugal Makes it Friendly to Cryptocurrency Holders

Tax Laws in Portugal Make Country Attractive For Crypto Holders

It’s no surprise, like most things in this world, countries across the globe have differing opinions on things… and with those differing opinions, comes different ways of dealing & regulating them. There has been a recent surge in the action from many countries to clarify regulations surrounding Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Last week alone, we told […]

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Netherlands cryptocurrency legislation could ban foreign crypto businesses

Netherlands Could Ban Foreign Crypto Businesses

As Bitcoin and cryptocurrency gains traction across the globe, many countries are stepping up efforts to ‘properly’ regulate cryptocurrency and crypto related businesses. Governmental regulatory bodies are working towards developing and adopting regulations meant to protect their country’s businesses and economies, not to mention global entities like the FATF, which we’ve reported on previously. Recently, […]

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UN Claims Crypto Makes Fighting Crime Harder

UN Official Claims Crypto Makes Fighting Crime & Terrorism Harder

Some of the major crimes in the world still revolve around money laundering, cyber-crime and terrorist activities. According to one UN official, it is becoming even more difficult to meet these threats because of cryptocurrency. The UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime’s Neil Walsh — chief of the Cyber-crime and Anti-Money Laundering arm — says […]

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SEC To Run Cryptocurrency Nodes

Many of us in the cryptocurrency space, especially US investors, almost dread to hear the SEC is looking at something else in the space. But, we hope that they will eventually help the industry by providing clarity… According to recently-published documents, it appears that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is finally getting serious […]

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SEC Won’t Take Action Against Blockchain Gaming Firm PoQ

Across all reaches of the globe, varying levels of cryptocurrency regulations are being issued by governments and governing financial bodies. In recent months, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has become rather infamous when it comes to their statements on and actions against crypto-based companies and their business practices. So far, the SEC only […]

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Trump Tweet Great For Crypto

It was the tweet ‘heard around the world’… ok… maybe only within the crypto community… Just channeling Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Concord Hymn… Back to the news… President Donald Trump’s use of Twitter is certainly something new to politics,however, it has also become something that it pretty much common place these days. The cryptocurrency space and […]

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Winklevoss Twins Urge Facebook to Collaborate with Regulators

If you’ve been following cryptocurrency news at all, you know that Facebook and their Libracoin has been in the news consistently. You can read our last news post about Libra here Since Facebook’s announcement about Libra, there has been no shortage of backlash and calls from governments across the globe telling Facebook to ‘slow down’ […]

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