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I can’t tell you how many times we hear that in this space.

We get it, cryptocurrency and blockchain are new… it can be confusing… things literally change every single day…

Asking for some help is understandable… we spent hours and hours and hours… ok, you get the picture… when we started out here.

So, we want to help you… let us be your personal crypto consultant.

Why Us

While most cryptocurrency consultants today focus on large businesses, financial institutions and other major market players, we believe much the same as Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto – that cryptocurrency was meant for the people not these large manipulative groups.

That means you and me… the little guy… the worker who has to work long hours, sometimes work multiple jobs just to provide for his/her family.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency was meant to help free us from this ‘rat race’ and put us on an even playing field with those who currently control our financial system and provide us the ability to no longer be subjugated to their whims as they make decisions about the world monetary system.

As we’ve seen throughout history, these decisions usually make things lucrative for them, but they don’t usually help us at all… as a matter of fact, generally, they usually make things much worst.

With those thoughts and facts in mind, we want to take a different tact to cryptocurrency consulting.

We want to help empower the average Joe and Jane of the world.

We want to show you how, through the use of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency everyone can have as much financial independence as you desire.

Let’s face it, most people are simply too busy to be able to take the time necessary to gain an adequate level of expertise in ANYTHING in order to find a knowledge base that would allow them to function comfortably in any field of endeavor outside of their chosen profession.

The cryptocurrency space is no exception.

As a matter of fact, if you ask us, it’s even more difficult…

At this point you may be thinking… “why would I want to bother even trying to understand this ‘Bitcoin thing’ if it’s really that hard?”

And while that’s a great question, I’m here to tell you that there IS a learning curve… and it is something that you need to keep abreast of…

Unlike most financial markets, the cryptocurrency space is a 27/7/365 global market.

That means with people and projects working all across the globe, there is ALWAYS something new happening. Not to mention that blockchain technology is continually and rapidly evolving.

OK… have we scared you off yet?

trust CryptoCoinMindSet

If you’re still here you might be asking, why should I trust you?

That’s a great question… and frankly one you should ask anytime you are looking to listen to anybody about anything.

Well, what I can tell you with certainty is…

We are a U.S. based, veteran owned and operated business.

We have and continue to participate in many different aspects of the cryptocurrency space including mining, staking, investing, trading and other income generating ventures, just to name a few.

We have been in the cryptocurrency space since mid-2017.

We have and continue to participate in many different aspects of the cryptocurrency space including mining, staking, investing, trading and other income generating ventures, just to name a few.

So, Let’s Sum Us Up…

We are honest, hard working Americans, who believe in God, who believe in doing what’s right and who believe that you treat others they way you want to be treated.

We also believe in self reliance and that every person should be able to live their life how they want without hurting others.

We believe that people should be in charge of their own money. That mean’s complete autonomy, there should be no need for a third party (bank) to tell you what you can and can’t do with your money… oh, and let’s not forget, charge you astronomical fees to get access to YOUR money.

As for our knowledge in the cryptocurrency space, we’ve made money, we’ve lost money, we’ve been scammed and we’ve connected with many honest, like-mined people around the world.

We are willing to share that knowledge with you, to help you avoid the pitfalls and move you in the direction of your goals within cryptocurrency more quickly and easily.

The bottom line is, even if you really don’t have the time or the know-how to wrap your head around this whole ‘crypto thing’ … that’s OK… we are here to help.

Now we need to make this very clear…

We Are Not Financial Consultants

We Will Not Provide Any Financial Advice

We Will Not Handle Your Money

We Will Not Provide Any Tax Related Advice

What we will do is help you…

  • We Will Help You Learn The Basics About Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Tech
  • We Will Help You Gain Access To The Cryptocurrency Space
  • We Will Help You Learn How to Access a Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • We Will Help You Learn How To Set-Up and Properly Back-Up a Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • We Will Help You Learn How To Connect Your Bank Account To Your Wallet or Exchange
  • We Will Help You To Learn About The Various Cryptocurrency Projects That Interest You
  • We Will Show You The Ways We Make an Income In The Cryptocurrency Space

Does that sound like something that would be helpful to you?

The contact us today for a one-to-one consultation


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