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Cryptocurrency 201: Airdrops – What You Need To Know

While the word airdrop often conjures up images of jets dropping supplies to people eagerly waiting packets of food or something… in the crypto space, nothing could be further from reality. The first time we heard this term and we started doing research, the best pictures of cryptocurrency airdrops were those of planes ‘airdropping’ Bitcoin […]

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Rise cryptocurrency

Scalable dApp Blockchain and Passive Income With RISE

The introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency to the world has opened a host of innovations across the globe.  This technological advancement has shown the world new opportunities as well as provided the infrastructure for further growth. CryptoCoinMindSet wants to highlight various projects within the space.  We are constantly looking at projects and bringing the innovators […]

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Surf the web in privacy with Brave browser

Privacy By Default With Brave Browser

Marketing is big business. Businesses have used many different methods of marketing to prospective customers throughout the centuries. Why? Because getting your company’s product or service in front of as many potential customers as possible means an increased bottom line. This need has led to the development of an entire industry. The advertising industry is […]

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Listen and Earn cryptocurrency with BitRadio

average people investing in crypto

Passive Income Opportunities in Crypto

In today’s world, no matter where on this planet you call home, money plays an important, frankly critical role in every human beings survival. Moreover, money, or rather having enough of it, plays a significant role in leading a peaceful and fulfilling life. Let’s face it… with the cost of living increasing at such an […]

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Universal Basic Income program Mannabase MANNA

CryptoCoinMindSet discusses the integration of blockchain & cryptocurrency into UBI

CryptoCoinMindSet explains Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income Overview

Are you a history buff? Do you follow politics? Right now you’re probably thinking… “I came here to read about this ‘basic income’ thing… why are you asking me if I’m interested in history and politics” You may even be thinking “what do they even have in common…” Well, besides the obvious… “If you don’t […]

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Crypto Coin MindSet talks about earning passive income

The What and Why of Passive Income

We all need to make money right? We need some way to obtain and maintain a certain standard of living. We’ve got to eat, put a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and at the end of the day… we’ve got to ‘pay the bills.’ So, how do most people accomplish this? Well, […]

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