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  • Crypto Relevant or Crypto Relic: Paper Wallets Simplified
    If you’re relatively new to this whole cryptocurrency thing, let me take you back to the early days of crypto… a time when Bitcoin was a mere curiosity, and wallets were nothing more than lines of code on a screen. … Read more
  • Shocking MetaMask Hack That Cost Mark Cuban $870K
    Billionaire and tech mogul Mark Cuban is probably wishing he continued extending period of inactivity in the crypto space after the week ended on a very bleak note for him. A cyberattack on September 15 saw Cuban lose approximately $870,000 … Read more
  • LBRY vs SEC: The Fight Continues
    LBRY, a blockchain based, censorship resistant, network for file and video sharing, seems to be deviating from its previous intention to cease operations after being ruled as a security. Instead, it has chosen to contest a ruling made by a … Read more

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Blockchain Info

  • China Plans To Launch Blockchain Infrastructure
    Chinese market regulators have met to discuss crypto regulations and ways to foster the growth of blockchain technology in the securities sector. The proposals were tabled by the Securities Association of China and the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) during … Read more
  • Kakao Looks To Singapore In Blockchain Expansion Plans
    Korean internet giant Kakao, plans to expand its offerings into Asia by expanding into Singapore. This will place in Singapore aiding Kakao to achieve its plans for globalization through Klatyn, its renowned blockchain platform. A recent publication by Korea Herald … Read more
  • Germany Allows Electronic Securities Records On Blockchain
    The Berlin Cabinet recently passed a new law that allows blockchain technology to be utilized for recording all-electronic securities. The law is considered part of the broader blockchain strategy of Germany, which has been very vocal about blockchain technology. With … Read more

Cryptocurrency Basics

  • Tightening The Noose: Insights Into KYC and AML Procedures
    When it comes to understanding Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations you can often be left wondering, “What did I just read?” Afterall, these topics are pretty boring, and filled with complex terminology, and frankly, often carried … Read more
  • Learn Crypto Using Practical Industry Knowledge
    Cryptocurrency can be a complex and confusing subject to learn about. It’s important to break it down into its elemental areas to make it digestible. By focusing on the fundamental aspects of cryptocurrency, you’ll be better equipped to make informed … Read more
  • Harnessing The Power of Experiential Crypto Learning
    Understanding cryptocurrency can feel like a daunting task. Don’t worry, there’s no need to be intimidated. With an experiential approach, you can get up close and personal with cryptocurrency without being overwhelmed by all the technical jargon. By immersing yourself … Read more

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Crypto Adoption Info

  • Importance of Cryptocurrency and Why It’s Good For The World
    Cryptocurrency advocates have varying opinions as to why a crypto, like Bitcoin, is important. However, most times these opinions are rooted in some distrust of the monetary system. Cryptocurrency is important due to its design being diametrically opposed to the … Read more
  • Colorado Supports Tax Payments In Crypto
    The level of crypto adoption in the U.S. has grown significantly over the past few months. 2021 saw several U.S. politicians change their harsh stance against cryptocurrencies and start endorsing the sector. Moreover, the U.S. is currently one of the … Read more
  • Mexican Senator Says Country Should Adopt Bitcoin
    The Salvadoran government has been highlighting the benefits derived from the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender. The benefits realized seem to have attracted the attention of Mexico, with a government official in the country urging for the adoption of … Read more

Crypto Project Info

  • LBRY vs SEC: The Fight Continues
    LBRY, a blockchain based, censorship resistant, network for file and video sharing, seems to be deviating from its previous intention to cease operations after being ruled as a security. Instead, it has chosen to contest a ruling made by a … Read more
  • Bitcoin Lightning Network Growth Slows To Start 2022
    The capacity of the Bitcoin Lightning Network has been steadily growing over the past few months. This capacity recently hit the 3,400 BTC level after maintaining a growth streak in 2021. A report from Arcane Research notes that the capacity’s … Read more
  • Internet Computer Integration Of Bitcoin and Ethereum
    Internet Computer plans to integrate Bitcoin and Ethereum by the end of 2022. The integration of the two largest blockchain networks will be part of the roadmap for Internet Computer in 2022 and the coming years. Dfinity released the Internet … Read more

Crypto Regulations

  • LBRY vs SEC: The Fight Continues
    LBRY, a blockchain based, censorship resistant, network for file and video sharing, seems to be deviating from its previous intention to cease operations after being ruled as a security. Instead, it has chosen to contest a ruling made by a … Read more
  • Ripple Effect: XRP’s Landmark Legal Victory Against the SEC
    After almost 3 years of litigation, Ripple Labs, a company specializing in the digital currency XRP, won a significant case in the New York Southern District Court. The case, initiated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) back in 2020, … Read more
  • Seeking Legal Eagles: SEC Hiring Attorneys for Cyber & Crypto Unit
    These days it’s easy to feel a bit lost in the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency regulations. It seems like there are new developments coming out of D.C. everyday. And the ramp up for a crypto crackdown continues.  Now, the Securities … Read more

Crypto Wallet Info

Investing In Crypto

  • Cashing Out With Crypto: Turning Crypto To Cash
    For those new to the cryptocurrency space, converting your cryptocurrency back to cash, or the fiat currency for your country, can potentially be a daunting task. Cryptocurrency holders have a few methods available to convert their digital assets back to … Read more
  • Allocate Wisely: How Much of Your Portfolio Should Go To Crypto?
    Investing in cryptocurrency is becoming an increasingly popular financing strategy and for many savvy investors, it’s a lucrative option. However, determining what percentage of your investment dollars should go to crypto is often up for debate. Top financial experts say … Read more
  • Investing In Cryptocurrency During A Recession
    A recession is a period of economic decline which typically follows periods of rapid growth and high inflation. During this time, people often feel uncertain about the future, leading to reduced spending and investment activity. However, investing in any asset … Read more

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NFT Info

  • NFTs Make Debut in Concert Ticket Scene
    Ticketmaster, a U.S. ticket sales and distribution firm, has enabled fans of American metal band Avenged Sevenfold to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from their DeathBats Club fan club to reserve tickets and seating without the need to queue. This functionality … Read more
  • Algorand Enters Real Estate With Launch of Vesta Equity
    The recent bearish pressure has resulted in a downtrend in price action, but this has not prevented networks from growing their ecosystem. Recently, the Algorand blockchain has made notable success, as demonstrated by the new projects streaming into the network. … Read more
  • Alfa Romeo Adds NFT Feature To Latest SUV
    Alfa Romeo, an Italian carmaker, has released details about its latest car model. According to the firm, this vehicle will adopt the innovative technologies of blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Alfa Romeo announced that it was the first company in … Read more

Passive Income

  • Where the Money’s At: How Cryptocurrency Makes Money
    In recent years, cryptocurrency has become the new gold rush, as savvy investors look to capitalize on digital assets to generate an income. As a matter of fact, this decentralized technology has created opportunities to make money in ways never … Read more
  • Scalable dApp Blockchain and Passive Income With RISE
    The introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency to the world has opened a host of innovations across the globe.  This technological advancement has shown the world new opportunities as well as provided the infrastructure for further growth. CryptoCoinMindSet wants to highlight … Read more
  • Earn Basic Attention Token With Brave Browser
    [vc_row row_background_lines=”no”][vc_column][vc_column_text]In our previous post we spoke about the Brave browser and how you can use it to take back some of your privacy while getting a more streamlined online experience. If you haven’t read that article, you can read … Read more

Privacy/Security Info

  • Why Online Security Is Important With Cryptocurrency
    We all invest in cryptocurrency for differing reasons. Regardless what your ultimate goal is for the investments you make in crypto, there is one constant for everyone, you must keep your crypto investments safe. Security is important when transacting with … Read more
  • Cinobi Banking Trojan Threatens Cryptocurrency Users
    Japan has been the target of a newly developed ‘malvertising’ campaign, which delivers a hostile application to install a banking Trojan on vulnerable Windows computers and devices. The main aim of this malware is to steal important information about the … Read more
  • LBRY & Odysee – The Future Of Free Thoughts & Ideas
    Art is one of those things that has maintained an ever-lasting presence throughout human history. If you try tracking human history — from 36,000 years ago to this day, art has constantly been there. From cave paintings of buffalos to … Read more

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