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Binance launches P2P platform

Binance Launches New P2P Platform

One of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, Binance, has just launched a new P2P platform that is meant to allow it to re-enter the Chinese market and provide support for the crypto investors of its home country… But did it REALLY help? While China’s ban on digital currency exchanges still remains, Binance attempted to circumvent […]

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survey suggests online users concerned about privacy

UK ends consultation on crypto ban

LINE becomes industry leader in crypto

LINE Becomes An Industry Leader In Cryptocurrency

Several big-name firms have entered the crypto space in 2019 and the adoption of blockchain and digital assets has been fast-tracked. Companies such as IBM and Microsoft have announced significant projects that will involve groundbreaking technologies. These tech firms have entered the blockchain space in a bid to align their business models to accommodate emerging […]

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SatoWallet users lose 1 million

Satowallet Users Lose $1 Million

If you are going to operate in the cryptocurrency space, having a crypto wallet is a necessity. So, finding the right wallet, the one that fits your lifestyle best is important. If you’re still searching for a good crypto wallet, check out our post about some of the top cryptocurrency wallets here. So, now that […]

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Kik shuts messaging app to fight SEC

Kik Shuts Down Messaging App To Fight SEC

  Ted Livingston, the CEO of Kik Interactive, announced that the firm is shutting down it’s messaging app, Kik Messenger. According to Livingston, they are shutting the messenger down as the company moves to solely focus on its cryptocurrency named Kin. As cryptocurrencies and the crypto projects in the space are continuing to reach for […]

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Tax Code in Portugal Makes it Friendly to Cryptocurrency Holders

Tax Laws in Portugal Make Country Attractive For Crypto Holders

It’s no surprise, like most things in this world, countries across the globe have differing opinions on things… and with those differing opinions, comes different ways of dealing & regulating them. There has been a recent surge in the action from many countries to clarify regulations surrounding Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Last week alone, we told […]

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BitPay Provides Support for Ethereum

Netherlands cryptocurrency legislation could ban foreign crypto businesses

Netherlands Could Ban Foreign Crypto Businesses

As Bitcoin and cryptocurrency gains traction across the globe, many countries are stepping up efforts to ‘properly’ regulate cryptocurrency and crypto related businesses. Governmental regulatory bodies are working towards developing and adopting regulations meant to protect their country’s businesses and economies, not to mention global entities like the FATF, which we’ve reported on previously. Recently, […]

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Bitcoin Cash Futures on the horizon

Bitcoin Cash Futures Contracts On The Horizon

It seems like every other news piece in the crypto space is about futures and derivative trading. It’s indicative of the current landscape of the space as a whole. Here on CryptoCoinMindSet we’ve recently reported about Binance and Blade entering the arena. Well, this news article is no exception is reportedly working towards developing […]

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