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Bitfinex Incorporates Lightning Network

IDAX CEO Vanishes With Cold Wallet

BitBay Suspending Trading Support For Monero

BitBay Suspending Trading Support For Monero

Cryptocurrency platform BitBay made it clear that it is going to stop all trading support services offered to Monero (XMR). Monero is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency and currently the largest by marketcap. Even though in it’s announcement regarding trading support services ending on the 19th of February, 2020, BitBay has made it abundantly clear that it […]

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Charles Hoskinson Predicts $100k Bitcoiin

Charles Hoskinson Predicts $100k Bitcoin

As a co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain and creator of Cardano’s blockchain, Charles Hoskinson is waist-deep in the crypto industry. Something that becomes clear with anything he does is the sheer bullishness he feels towards Bitcoin and the crypto industry as a whole. Whether or not you are a fan of Cardano (ADA), you have […]

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OneCoin Attorney Guilty Laundering Millions

OneCoin Attorney Guilty of Laundering Millions

The cryptocurrency space is meant to give power back to the people… to allow them to do what they need and want to do with their money, without having to get ‘permission’ from a ‘trusted third party.’ But to quote Uncle Ben in Spiderman – “with great power comes great responsibility.” Unfortunately, some of the […]

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aBey Foundation Provides Tech For Crypto Commerce

Crypto Lending Platform Compound Raises $25 Million

New Crypto Lending Platform Compound Raises $25 Million

The crypto trend is continuously gaining popularity around the world, new businesses and services that are utilizing cryptocurrency payments continue to emerge. Within the cryptocurrency community some of the most popular projects are those that allow users to use their crypto holding as collateral in order to get a low interest fiat based loan. These […]

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PayPal No Longer Supports PornHub

PayPal Parts Ways With PornHub

Whether you approve of the adult industry or not, the fact is that there is a segment of society that frequents this industry. That interest allows for content producers on these platforms to earn a living. Until recently, content creators on top adult entertainment website PornHub were able to receive payments via PayPal. This ability […]

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Einstein Cryptocurrency Exchange Closes

Einstein Cryptocurrency Exchange Closes Doors

It seems like every time you turn around recently there is an issue with another cryptocurrency exchange. Between people loosing access to their funds in QuadrigaX or the reported wash trading taking place to provide the appearance of high trading volume. Recently, we created a video to alert users of CoinExchange that they too would […]

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BinanceUS Captures 10 percent of Coinbase Trading Volume

BinanceUS Captures 10% of Coinbase Trading Volume

Binance joined the crypto scene back in 2017 and quickly became the largest, most liquid cryptocurrency exchange. They deployed a great user iterface (UI) as well as plenty of hype to earn the loyalty of many cryptocurrency investors and traders across the globe. Since that time, there have been many changes in the cryptocurrency space. […]

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