Apple Sees Potential In Cryptocurrency

Apple Sees a Long Term Potential in Crypto

Many who are siloed in the cryptocurrency space often wonder about mass adoption. What will it take to happen? How long before crypto replaces fiat? The list of questions goes on and on… So when we hear about many companies and banks showing a growing interest in crypto, it’s easy to get excited… and frankly, […]

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Binance to Launch Derivatives Trading

Binance Entering Crypto Futures & Derivatives

Trading crypto derivatives has become a booming sector of the entire cryptocurrency space. There are many new platforms launching, such as Blade, which we reported to you in a previous blog post. They are not alone, there are also more on the horizon. This excitement comes on the heel of platforms such as BitMEX and […]

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New Crypto Derivatives Exchange To Launch

A new crypto derivatives exchange, Blade is about to launch after a very successful fundraising event. This soon to launch exchange managed to raise $4.3 million from several large investors, including the leading US-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, as well as the investment company SV Angel. Announcing BLADE, a crypto perpetuals exchange for retail traders. We’re […]

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Bitpoint Exchange Restarting Its Services

Exchange hacks seem to be in the news lately… Hacking conducted against cryptocurrency exchanges often have devastating consequences for their customers. But the consequences don’t end there… The affects on the exchanges themselves can be devastating, both with future business as well as their reputation. More often than not, the exchanges that suffered a hack, […]

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SEC Won’t Take Action Against Blockchain Gaming Firm PoQ

Across all reaches of the globe, varying levels of cryptocurrency regulations are being issued by governments and governing financial bodies. In recent months, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has become rather infamous when it comes to their statements on and actions against crypto-based companies and their business practices. So far, the SEC only […]

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Trump Tweet Great For Crypto

It was the tweet ‘heard around the world’… ok… maybe only within the crypto community… Just channeling Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Concord Hymn… Back to the news… President Donald Trump’s use of Twitter is certainly something new to politics,however, it has also become something that it pretty much common place these days. The cryptocurrency space and […]

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Litecoin Becomes the Official Crypto of Miami Dolphins

Anyone who understands the crypto space know that having mass adoption is the key to making things explode. While most major financial players are busy bashing the space… which can be it’s own form of promotion… major entities in other sectors of society are slowly embracing the idea of cryptocurrency. According to a recent announcement, […]

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Getting Even More From CryptoCoinMindSet

Hi there… how is everybody doing today? Here in the US, we’re getting deep into the summer… enjoying the weather, time with family and friends… And if you’re not doing that… step away from your computer and go enjoy! The good news is, even though you should get out there and enjoy life, you can […]

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Cryptocurrency 201: Airdrops – What You Need To Know

While the word airdrop often conjures up images of jets dropping supplies to people eagerly waiting packets of food or something… in the crypto space, nothing could be further from reality. The first time we heard this term and we started doing research, the best pictures of cryptocurrency airdrops were those of planes ‘airdropping’ Bitcoin […]

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