DOJ arrest Samouri Wallet Founders

Samourai Wallet Arrests Send Shockwaves Through Crypto Community

Last updated on April 30th, 2024 at 01:06 pm

Today, the Justice Department issued a statement declaring the arrest and charging of Keonne Rodriguez and William Hill for their involvement in operating Samourai Wallet. The charges include accusations of running an unlicensed money transmitting business and facilitating unlawful transactions.

The allegations pertain to their company, Samourai Wallet, which is accused of facilitating over $2 Billion in unlawful transactions and allegedly laundering more than $100 Million in criminal proceeds. 

According to the DOJ, these transactions primarily originated from illegal dark web markets and involved schemes aimed at defrauding decentralized finance protocols. 

The defendants are further accused of developing, marketing, and operating a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mixer, which allegedly provided a platform for criminals to conduct extensive money laundering activities.

Multi-Jurisdictional Cooperation

The arrests of these developers was completed after a collaborative endeavor by law enforcement agencies in the United States and Portugal.

Rodriguez was captured in the Western District of Pennsylvania, while Hill was arrested in Portugal on the basis of U.S. criminal charges. The United States intends to pursue Hill’s extradition to stand trial within its jurisdiction.

However the collaboration between authorities also involved the country of Iceland. This was necessary as the web servers and domain of Samourai were located in their jurisdiction. 

The domain and servers were seized, along with a warrant served on the Google Play Store for the Samourai Wallet mobile application. As a result, the application is now unavailable for download in the United States.

Samouri Founders Future

So, what does this mean for Hill and Rodriguez?

The current set of charges alleged by the DOJ carry a maximum sentence of 20 years, and one count of conspiracy to operate an unlicensed money transmitting business, with a maximum sentence of 5 years.

What Samouri Wallet Does

Despite the allegations put forth by the DOJ, the Samouri Wallet is basically just code which allows users to help make their cryptocurrency private. This type of service is known as a ‘mixer’

A cryptocurrency mixer allows users to put the crypto they want to anonymise into a large pool, then the crypto is “mixed” and then the users receive back anonymous coins.

These types of mixing services allow cryptocurrency users to maintain financial privacy.

Attacks on Privacy

Although governments are continually attempting to erode an individual’s right to privacy, having financial privacy plays a crucial role in safeguarding individual liberties and economic autonomy. 

Having financial privacy is the cornerstone to maintaining personal autonomy. These privacy points include transaction privacy, personal freedom, freedom of speech, fostering innovation, and promoting basic fundamental human rights.

Personal Privacy At Stake

Bringing these charges against Samourai Wallet can be perceived as an assault against individuals’ right to privacy.

The U.S. government continues to attack the dominion of innovation in the cryptocurrency space, which by design is meant to promote individual sovereignty, thus promoting inalienable human rights.

Ultimately, bringing charges against Samourai Wallet represents more than just a legal action against a specific platform; it symbolizes an assault on individuals’ fundamental right to privacy. 

It threatens to undermine innovation, erode personal freedom, and set a troubling precedent for government surveillance and control over individuals’ financial activities. 

Furthermore, it opens the door for more governments to introduce a CBDC for their citizens. Though all governments will say that a CBDC will be used to enhance the economic experiences of their citizens, the fact remains that the opposite is more likely.

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As the digital economy continues to evolve, it is crucial to uphold and protect the right to financial privacy as a cornerstone of individual liberty and autonomy.


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