Crypto Coin MindSet discusses blockchain consensus protocol

Blockchain Consensus Protocols – An Overview

Whether or not you are involved with cryptocurrency, there is a good chance that you have still heard about the underlying technology; the blockchain. You can learn more about blockchain here. This technology has been all the rage with the potential use cases within many sectors of our life, such as banking & finance, government, […]

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Crypto Coin MindSet discusses Blockchain

Proof-of-Work vs Proof-of-Stake – Is One Better Than The Other?

Let’ face it, Blockchain technology is disrupting a wide range of businesses, industries and governments… and in our opinion…for the better. Making work more efficient, immutable, convenient, transparent and let’s not forget about the added benefit of security… these are just small parts of the amazing values it brings. OK… we’ve spent enough time admiring […]

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