AT&T Goes Crypto – Pay Your Bill With Bitcoin

Last updated on November 1st, 2022 at 03:47 pm

The US-based telecom giant, AT&T, announced a new partnership yesterday — one which finally brought it to the crypto space. The partnership was made with Bitpay, a well-known and popular online payment service that allows users to pay for things with crypto.

With AT&T now being Bitpay’s official partner, the mobile and landline carrier will start accepting BTC and BCH payments.

Customers can now pay their bills with these two currencies simply by using the AT&T platform.

All that the process requires is for customers to log in to their accounts, and select Bitpay as a payment method. That way, they will get access to Bitpay invoice portal, where they can choose between Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash as a currency for paying their bills.

This is likely to bring a lot more people to AT&T’s already massive user base.

In fact, according to the company, the very reason why they opted to partner up with Bitpay was to provide a better service to its customers and deliver more payment options.

Kevin Mcdorman, the company’s vice president of communications finance business operations, stated that he is very excited about introducing new payment options.

He said that the company is always looking for ways to improve its business, and since the firm is aware of the popularity of cryptocurrencies among its users, they are happy to offer this method.

The Impact of AT&T Going Crypto

The move comes as an excellent development for both AT&T and the crypto space. Of course, it will take some time before the company starts accepting cryptocurrencies in exchange for mobile devices and other products. For now, the partnership only includes paying bills, but even this is a major step in the right direction for digital currencies.

As mentioned, AT&T is a massive company, which launched over a century ago, as the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. It was founded in 1880, but later, when it re-branded to AT&T, it became the second largest mobile service in the US.

With a company of this size, age, and influence joining the crypto space — even if that only includes paying bills — the crypto industry will see a massive boost.

The crypto community on social media celebrated the move, particularly when it comes to BCH fans on Reddit. Many have noted that it has been a long time since a major company made a decision to start accepting crypto that does not go through a third-party passthrough.

Even those who do not use or particularly support BCH are thrilled with the move, as it means a major positive change for the crypto space. Now, the community hopes that many other companies will see this as an example to follow and that some who were already considering it might see this as an encouragement to go crypto themselves.

Meanwhile, the move seems to be just what the crypto prices needed. Following the AT&T announcement, the prices are growing, and BTC and BCH are trading in the green.


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