Binance launches P2P platform

Binance Launches New P2P Platform

One of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, Binance, has just launched a new P2P platform that is meant to allow it to re-enter the Chinese market and provide support for the crypto investors of its home country… But did it REALLY help? While China’s ban on digital currency exchanges still remains, Binance attempted to circumvent […]

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Bitcoin Cash Futures on the horizon

Bitcoin Cash Futures Contracts On The Horizon

It seems like every other news piece in the crypto space is about futures and derivative trading. It’s indicative of the current landscape of the space as a whole. Here on CryptoCoinMindSet we’ve recently reported about Binance and Blade entering the arena. Well, this news article is no exception is reportedly working towards developing […]

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Bakkt Launching Bitcoin Futures

Bakkt’s efforts for bringing Bitcoin futures contracts are finally paying off and the company has announced that it will officially launch the contracts in only a month, on September 23rd. The launch has brought quite a lot of excitement to the crypto world, as the crypto community expected it for more than a year now. […]

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SEC To Run Cryptocurrency Nodes

Many of us in the cryptocurrency space, especially US investors, almost dread to hear the SEC is looking at something else in the space. But, we hope that they will eventually help the industry by providing clarity… According to recently-published documents, it appears that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is finally getting serious […]

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Trump Tweet Great For Crypto

It was the tweet ‘heard around the world’… ok… maybe only within the crypto community… Just channeling Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Concord Hymn… Back to the news… President Donald Trump’s use of Twitter is certainly something new to politics,however, it has also become something that it pretty much common place these days. The cryptocurrency space and […]

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Formula One Speculations Emerge – Bitcoin Team?

It’s always fun to speculate about things… especially when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain… and especially when it comes to things that may lead to mass adoption… Well, if you enjoy this as much as we do, then here is something for you to speculate about… Romain Grosjean, a well-known French/Swiss Formula One driver, […]

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Crypto Coin MindSet - An average man's journey through cryptocurrency

AT&T Goes Crypto – Pay Your Bill With Bitcoin

The US-based telecom giant, AT&T, announced a new partnership yesterday — one which finally brought it to the crypto space. The partnership was made with Bitpay, a well-known and popular online payment service that allows users to pay for things with crypto. With AT&T now being Bitpay’s official partner, the mobile and landline carrier will […]

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