Einstein Cryptocurrency Exchange Closes

Einstein Cryptocurrency Exchange Closes Doors

It seems like every time you turn around recently there is an issue with another cryptocurrency exchange. Between people loosing access to their funds in QuadrigaX or the reported wash trading taking place to provide the appearance of high trading volume. Recently, we created a video to alert users of CoinExchange that they too would […]

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BinanceUS Captures 10 percent of Coinbase Trading Volume

BinanceUS Captures 10% of Coinbase Trading Volume

Binance joined the crypto scene back in 2017 and quickly became the largest, most liquid cryptocurrency exchange. They deployed a great user iterface (UI) as well as plenty of hype to earn the loyalty of many cryptocurrency investors and traders across the globe. Since that time, there have been many changes in the cryptocurrency space. […]

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Justin Sun Looks To Acquire Poloniex

LINE becomes industry leader in crypto

LINE Becomes An Industry Leader In Cryptocurrency

Several big-name firms have entered the crypto space in 2019 and the adoption of blockchain and digital assets has been fast-tracked. Companies such as IBM and Microsoft have announced significant projects that will involve groundbreaking technologies. These tech firms have entered the blockchain space in a bid to align their business models to accommodate emerging […]

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Gemini launches in Australia

Gemini Announces Launch In Australia

Cryptocurrency trading platforms are constantly looking for new territories to expand their services. As the global financial landscape continues to change, finding crypto-friendly countries is becoming a more positive venture, leading existing crypto exchanges to continue to spread their ‘foot-print.’ US based crypto exchange, Gemini, has announced that the firm’s services will now be available […]

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New Crypto Derivatives Exchange To Launch

A new crypto derivatives exchange, Blade is about to launch after a very successful fundraising event. This soon to launch exchange managed to raise $4.3 million from several large investors, including the leading US-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, as well as the investment company SV Angel. Announcing BLADE, a crypto perpetuals exchange for retail traders. We’re […]

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Binance U.S. Announced Plans To List Up To 30 Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency traders and investors based in the United States were quite displeased and concerned earlier this year, after the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, announced that it would soon start denying them service. During the original announcement, Binanace attempted to soften the blow to it’s US customer base by revealing plans to launch a US-specific […]

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Bitpoint Exchange Restarting Its Services

Exchange hacks seem to be in the news lately… Hacking conducted against cryptocurrency exchanges often have devastating consequences for their customers. But the consequences don’t end there… The affects on the exchanges themselves can be devastating, both with future business as well as their reputation. More often than not, the exchanges that suffered a hack, […]

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