South Korea To Implement Blockchain Voting

South Korea To Implement Blockchain Voting

Last updated on November 1st, 2022 at 01:45 am

If you follow international news, you hear it all the time, throughout the decades… voter fraud in government elections. This has taken places in the elections of countries across the globe… granted, some forms of corruption and fraud are worst than others… but the bottom line is, it exists.

For those who live in the United States, this is an all too common complaint when it comes to the necessity for mail-in ballots, especially given this is a presidential election year.

While having this implemented into the election certainly opens the door for increased fraud and tampering. As of the writing of this article, here is the latest scandal to come to light in the U.S. elections, read it here.

But, it also comes with additional troubles. In most states where this type of voting is allowed, they have extended the ‘counting’ of ballots for an extended period after the election. Moreover, many have changed the accepting of these ballots and considering them ‘valid’ from needing to be received by the day of the general election to ‘post-marked’ by the date of the general election.

The issues just seem to snowball…

Many of us in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space have been heralding this technology as a potential answer. After all, a blockchain can be open, immutable ledger with which fraud is mitigated and the results are known just about instantly.

Well, one country has decided to make this a reality…

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South Korea Leading The Way With Blockchain Voting

The South Korean government wants to integrate blockchain technology into residential buildings to make voting processes for the citizens easier. The technology may be also used to make other household services more efficient, according to the announcement made by the government.

The South Korean government has already pledged $1.27 Million to the development of the technology. The funds will be used to develop a platform based on blockchain technology, targeting residents in apartments across the country.

South Korea’s Ministry of Science has picked a local firm Ksign to drive such developments. Based on the agreement, Ksign is developing a contract-free portal that will help residents use electronics voting with ease and efficiency. Apart from the benefits of the electoral process, there are other benefits residents can enjoy, including parking space management and other housing-based benefits.

Vice president of Ksign, Keo Ja-in, said South Korea wants to develop a decentralized identifier (DID) that can work within the token ecosystem.

The aim is to verify the users’ identity and control personal information. It identifies a subject, which could be an abstract entity, a data model, a thing, a person or an organization.

Blockchain Tech May Play Role in Next Elections

South Korea has been talking a lot about blockchain voting in recent times. Recently, the Seocho regional government discussed the likelihood of having a voting system powered by blockchain technology for residents.

However, there is no timeline set for the completion of the platform. But it’s seriously under development, according to reports by close sources of the project.

Considering that South Korea will hold its next presidential elections two years from now, many are thinking the Korean government is working within that timeframe to have blockchain technology play an important role in the elections.

Technology Will Offer Benefits For Residents

Keo Ja-in stated that the government is working on a modality that will help control personal information and make the provision of essential services more efficient. When the system is developed, it can be applied to the token ecosystem.

The goal is to create a token ecosystem that can be used in any store,” Keo reiterated.

South Korea’s Seocho regional government encouraged the recent rise of crypto-based businesses in the country and proposed a blockchain-based voting system the country may likely adopt in subsequent elections.

This is in line with other blockchain-related developments happening in other countries in Asia, with China leading the drive for the industry.

When the blockchain platform is fully set up, the government said it will make it easier for residents to carry their voting obligations right from the comfort of their homes. It’s an electronic voting system the government wants to introduce, with blockchain technology’s main driving technology for the platform.

This development is coming when the world is still reeling from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, where people have been forced to stay at home to stay safe. If the blockchain-based voting system is introduced, people will be able to exercise their voting rights from their homes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created hardship and changes in the norms of society all across the world. Some of these items we’ve reported on include the Fed cutting interest rates to 0% to stabilize the U.S. economy and U.S. legislators criticizing the Fed.

The platform when created to aid social distancing requirements for the pandemic. Also, the designers of the platform feel it will improve public health, especially in apartments. Building managers, residents, and homeowners will have access to the platform. Apart from the benefit of space management, the platform will also offer electronic payment and video conferencing solutions.


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