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Samsung Adds Blockchain Keystore Support

Korean tech giant, Samsung, announced the launch of its new Blockchain Keystore SDK, which now comes with support for Bitcoin (BTC). The original version was Ethereum and ERC-20 token oriented, while the support for Bitcoin itself was lacking. Now, Samsung seems to have decided to change that and quietly add BTC to its Keystore. Naturally, […]

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Cryptocurrency 201: Premined, Significantly Premined & Instamined Cryptocurrency

No matter how long you’ve been in the space, there’s always something new to learn. Gaining a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency universe is something that simply requires quite a lot of time and effort. It seems like every day there is some new terminology, new concepts, new projects and the list goes on and […]

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Get More From CryptoCoinMindSet

How is everyone doing today? We hope this post finds you well and making money in the crypto space. So what do you think, do you feel like we’ve come to the end of bear market? We’ve suffered it for well over a year and we are getting more and more bullish as time goes […]

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Rise cryptocurrency

Scalable dApp Blockchain and Passive Income With RISE

The introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency to the world has opened a host of innovations across the globe.  This technological advancement has shown the world new opportunities as well as provided the infrastructure for further growth. CryptoCoinMindSet wants to highlight various projects within the space.  We are constantly looking at projects and bringing the innovators […]

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Universal Basic Income program Mannabase MANNA

CryptoCoinMindSet discusses the integration of blockchain & cryptocurrency into UBI

CryptoCoinMindSet explains Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income Overview

Are you a history buff? Do you follow politics? Right now you’re probably thinking… “I came here to read about this ‘basic income’ thing… why are you asking me if I’m interested in history and politics” You may even be thinking “what do they even have in common…” Well, besides the obvious… “If you don’t […]

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