Binance launches P2P platform

Binance Launches New P2P Platform

One of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, Binance, has just launched a new P2P platform that is meant to allow it to re-enter the Chinese market and provide support for the crypto investors of its home country… But did it REALLY help? While China’s ban on digital currency exchanges still remains, Binance attempted to circumvent […]

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Binance to Launch Derivatives Trading

Binance Entering Crypto Futures & Derivatives

Trading crypto derivatives has become a booming sector of the entire cryptocurrency space. There are many new platforms launching, such as Blade, which we reported to you in a previous blog post. They are not alone, there are also more on the horizon. This excitement comes on the heel of platforms such as BitMEX and […]

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Binance Launches Crypto Lending Services

Binance Announces Launch of Its Crypto Lending Service

One of the world’s largest crypto exchanges by market cap, Binance, continues its seemingly never-ending streak of new developments and advances. After already achieving much in terms of growing its ecosystem in 2019, the exchange has recently announced another new move, the launch of it’s cryptocurrency lending service on August 28th. The new move will […]

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Binance U.S. Announced Plans To List Up To 30 Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency traders and investors based in the United States were quite displeased and concerned earlier this year, after the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, announced that it would soon start denying them service. During the original announcement, Binanace attempted to soften the blow to it’s US customer base by revealing plans to launch a US-specific […]

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